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Email: slavi at the same domain name
Phones: Canada: Toronto (647) 478 6512 | Niagara area: 289 477 1501 | US: +1 (716) 514 8880
Twitter: @lordspace
Linked In: http://linkedin.com/in/svetoslavmarinov
Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/104683961928677327203/
My Company: Orbisius.com

My Blogs

http://devcha.com (web development updated frequently)

http://slavi.biz/blog/ (web development)

http://blog.miniads.ca (product blog)

http://mylaurus.net (personal development blog)

Very Recent Projects

http://bixt.net - Tool for Affiliates: words into affiliate links

http://fbtab.net - Free Welcome Tab for Facebook Pages

A List of My Projects/Products, Free Tools and Open Source Code